The Waterfall
performance for custom-modified 16mm film projector, candles, broken crystal | approx. 45 minutes | 2017
Video excerpt from performance with Linsey Wellman and Gary Franks
A 16mm film loop of a waterfall plays continuously on a custom-modified 16mm film projector that uses a live video feed of candles focused with hand-held pieces of glass as the light source that illuminates the film.
It premiered March 11, 2017 at House of Common, in Ottawa, ON with Linsey Wellman on alto saxophone and Gary Franks on modular synthesizer.
Other performances include:
- LIGHT LEAKS, Club Saw, Ottawa, Canada, with Linsey Wellman (baritone saxophone), August 16, 2023
- PIX FILM as part of the Analogue Resilience Film Labs Gathering in Toronto, Canada, with live music by Anne Bourne (cello and field recordings)May 28, 2023
- CROSSROADS festival, in San Francisco, USA, with live music by Unitions (Marshall Trammell on percussion and Umesh Mallery on accordion), August 26, 2022